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Gaines Farm Cameo from our 2018 litter
Seff Von Dem Waldkonig/Bandit x Tyarda Gardefense

Gaines Farm German Shepherds


Welcome to the webpage for Gaines Farm German Shepherds!

I have seen many dogs through the years. Much of what I've seen are American lines, show lines, or very poorly bred animals. Conformationally they're incorrect, temperaments are bad, and many wouldn't work if the job were easy. Our dogs are all AKC registered; they're either imported dogs that have the AKC-DNA profile done before they're bred or are working lines bred in country.

As an AKC-CGC Evaluator, I temperament test every puppy before it goes to the new home. This allows me to see which puppy will best fit into the home and for it's intended use. If it isn't a good match, it doesn't get sold! Because working dogs have higher drives than the average pet, it's important to do everything possible to ensure success. For a first time dog owner or someone very new to working dogs, these animals usually don't sit around and eat snacks, sleep all day, and do nothing very well. They will bark, bite, explore, talk to you, and get into EVERYTHING.

When misbehaviors happen, some folks will tell you to muzzle grip the puppy or smack its face when the puppy bites you. This is a genetic drive that you're seeing; to beat it only ruins the breeding that you have purchased. Redirect the unwanted behaviors and reward the positive ones. 

Let's address another issue, spaying and neutering. Other folks will tell you to spay or neuter your pet within a few months after you've purchased it. Their logic: the spay/neuter process makes the animal easier to handle and live with...funny, I thought TRAINING did all that!

Points to Remember

Our dogs are from working lines and not show lines.

Our dogs are AKC registered and have the AKC DNA and/or Dutch DNA profiles done.

Our dogs are either first generation, direct imports, or from kennels we know in the United States.

Our dogs train weekly with the Delmarva German Shepherd Dog Club in Harrington, Delaware.

Our puppies and dogs will never be sold to K-9 brokers or puppy mills, never.

Our dogs have the AKC-CGC title or are in training for it.

Our puppies are sold under contract.



Gaines Farm Pepper
AKC-CGC, AKC-Trick Dog Novice, AKC-Therapy Dog Novice, Certified Therapy Dog*, and PPD
Slovakian/Czech Parents, First Generation Dog
*Certified Therapy Dog with the National Capital Therapy Dogs, Inc.



Tyarda Gardefense
AKC-CGC, AKC-Trick Dog Novice, and PPD
2013 Import from The Netherlarick Dog Novicends



Seff Von Dem Waldkonig/Bandit
AKC-CGC, AKC-Trick Dog Novice, AKC Therapy Dog Novice, AKC Therapy Dog Novice, and Certified Therapy Dog*
3/4 East German x 1/4 West Working
Dark Sable and Big Bone  
* Certified Therapy Dog with the National Capital Therapy Dogs, Inc.


What are you looking for in a protection prospect German Shepherd?

Courage, Willingness to Explore, Size, Sex, Balanced Drives

Some folks think that all German Shepherds can do sport Schutzhund/IPO, police or security work, or protect the family. There's a reason many folks look at genetics and training as elements for a protection animal.

Without good genetics, you will waste your time training the dog. Fear biters, big boned beauties, fluffy coats, or your LOVE for the animal just doesn't make the grade for the protection venue. Good trainers understand how to get the puppy from point A to point B. Developmental training plans are based on age, skill sets, and prior knowledge. It all starts with a well bred animal.

The size and sex of your German Shepherd really doesn't matter. You have to start off with good genetics and then a good training plan.



We offer Puppies, Stud Service, Importing, and K-9 Training

Why would you look any place else?

Because we train with our club, the Delmarva German Shepherd Dog Club, this allows us to better understand working drives and the puppies that will best work in their new home. There are few breeders or kennels in our area that can make this claim. Additionally, working lines puppies need a job or outlet for their genetics. We train and assess our litters to help YOU the buyer get the possible animal for the uses you want or need.