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Gaines Christmas Tree Farm
"Nothing beats the smell of a fresh cut tree at Christmas!"

Gaines Christmas Tree Farm
If you haven't made us a tradition yet, what are you waiting on?

You've shopped at the large box store choices and seen their prices, you've also experienced the needles falling off from day one. Now you're looking at buying local. We have four areas on our farm with something we hope for everyone...and you'll never see trees cut from out of state and brought in for resale. To buy from out of state and then resale them makes you a tree vendor and not a tree farm. Experience the difference with us.   

  • Phase I is located around the farm pond and has some of the older trees. This patch was started in 1997 when I bought the farm. I continue to add to this section.
  • Phase II  is located in and around the our hedgerows. If getting out and enjoying a nature walk interests you, this area might be for you. Watch for deer, rabbits, and quail as they too love the area. You'll find White Pines and some Spruce trees here. 
  • Phase III was installed in 2012. Located to the right side of our driveway, this area currently features over 450 Colorado Blue Spruce, White Pine, Norway Spruce, White Spruce, Canaan Fir, and Douglas Fir.
  • Phase IV is located behind the house and our farm garden, it has a mix of sizes and types of trees. Some of them have been started as seedlings and others as transplants.

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Non-traditional Trees!

We have red cedars that have been selected and trimmed for Christmas use. This non-traditional tree makes for an interesting decorating idea.


Start a Tradition...Theme Trees!

You have a space in your office, den, or family room. Time to create a THEME TREE.

We have hundreds of 3', 4', and 5' tall trees that would be perfect for theme based decorating. You know...stuff like dogs, cats, hunting, fishing, or any other interest you might have. And with smaller trees, you can  either purchase them as a YOU DIG tree or fresh cut. Start the idea this year and pivk your tree on Black Friday!

At Gaines Christmas Tree Farm, you will find a nice selection of trees which are suitable for landscaping and seasonal uses. Producing trees isn't easy, in fact it's down right difficult to do most of the time! If it isn't the lack of rain that hurts them, it's having too much. Then there are the bugs, worms, and whitetail deer that all trying to stake their claims on them. And this says nothing of my accidental losses with the riding mower...erh!

Currently, I offer hundreds of trees (Pine, Spruce, and Fir) in different sizes, ages, needle types, colors, and fullness. The main goal is to produce a tree with very little chemical use, NO ARTIFICIAL colors, stains, or paints are ever applied. And speaking of a more natural tree...ours are not geometrically shaped. If it's one thing I hate, it's trees that were conically shaped. How do they grow in the WILD?

Freshness you can SEE and SMELL!

Fresh cut trees last longer than the ones from chain stores. The reasons are simple; these trees are sometimes cut two or more weeks ahead and then shipped. Then they sit around outside without water for days or weeks. The end results: not much smell and needles that start falling off the day you bring them inside. Try one of our trees, you'll notice the difference and your friends will too!


Sales Start on Black Friday 

We have fresh cut trees starting at $25.00. Each tree is cut the day YOU select it. None of our trees are cut from out of state and trucked in. To do so only makes you a retail outlet and not a tree farm!


"When Size Matters"

We offer trees in different sizes, types, and prices. It doesn't do any good producing a BIG tree if nobody wants it. Too often folks purchase a tree that is too big or too tall for their home. Remember that you still need to put it in the stand and add a star or angel. This might mean an additional 12" of height. Consider the type of needles and branch support you need for ornaments and lights too.


Doing my best to try and produce the type of tree most enjoy.
Howard Gaines III, CEO/Owner, checking on the condition of this 8 year old Douglas Fir.

We sell variety and not entertainment! 

If you're looking for clown acts, arts and crafts, hay rides, BBQs, a moon bounce, photo ops with Santa, hot drinks, and fake snow...we don't have it! What we do offer is a variety of trees grown on our farm AND at low prices. We have reduced chemical use, no sales pressure, and we'll throw in the farm experience for FREE! Bring your kids and the dog, enjoy walking the farm, and if you find something that fits your home...either you can cut it or we will.
We offer many different shapes, types, and sizes of trees: Douglas Fir, Eastern White Pine, Norway Spruce, Colorado Blue Spruce, Concolor Fir, Ponderosa Pine, White Spruce, Canaan Fir, Eastern Red Cedar, Serbian Spruce, and Balsam Fir.

  • Depending upon the year planted and the variety I use, I have trees ranging in size from 2' to 12'+ in height. 
  • Some trees like the Blue Spruce are truly blue.
  • There are trees have stiff needles and others with softer ones.
  • Christmas Trees like the Concolor Fir have an orange scent to them.
  •  If you like the rustic look...Ponderosa Pines and Eastern Red Cedars are the way to go.
  • Christmas Trees are an extension of you and your decorating interests. Keep this in mind when decorating and when selecting the "right" tree.
  • We offer tag now for folks who want to "protect" their selection before Christmas.
  • Reusing a tree? Nothing wrong with our you dig plan! Of course the best deal is our fresh cut daily. You select it that day and either you can cut it or I can.
  • Try something new this year. If you've had short needle trees before, go to a longer needle variety.
  • NOTHING is ever cut from out of state and brought in for resale...we are a tree farm and not a resale outlet...there's a difference!
  • Make it a family tradition and bring the kids. This is an exciting time and a part of the total holiday experience...Embrace It!

No Pressure Sales and Tax Free Shopping!

We like to do sales by appointment when we can. We would rather allow folks to come out with their kids and dogs and enjoy the farm adventure without problems.
  • Bring your handsaw and cut it or we can cut the tree for you. Selections must be paid for prior to cutting.   
  • Our trees are located all over the farm. Bring your hiking shoes and walk four areas for that special tree.
  • Prices start at $25.00 for a fresh cut tree, this is about $5.00 per foot. Dug trees cost about $30.00 over the cut tree price, and you do the digging. We do not guarantee any dug trees.
  • Many fresh cut trees average around $35.00 for a 6-7' size.
  • You're responsible for any and all occurrences, accidents, injuries, or losses while a guest on our farm. Please watch your children and pets at all times!

For More Information, Contact:

Howard Gaines III

Gaines Farm and Kennels

1948 Hopkins Cemetery Road

Harrington, Delaware 19952

Phone: 302-943-9768 or 302-398-0185 

(We're located approximately two miles behind Callaway Furniture and on the right.)

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